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Our dogs compete in two different coursing venues:

ASFA Lure Coursing - American Sighthound Field Association. Hounds chase plastic bags on a continuous loop line that is run by a motor. The course, generally from 650 yards to 1,100 yards, is laid out with turns and curves to simulate escaping game and it is an effective way to test the functional ability of hounds. The hounds, no more than three at once, run a preliminary run and a final run. Scores from both runs are added for a total combined score and hounds are awarded placements and points based on their combined scores, number of hounds competing and their overall finish placement. First place hounds may go on to run the course again, competing for Best of Breed, and the Best of Breed winner may run once more for Best in Field, when offered. Hounds compete to earn accumulated points and placements to achieve the title of “FCH” Field Champion and then can go on to compete further to earn “LCM” Lure Courser of Merit, and on for LCM1, LCM2, etcetera.

Click HERE to go to the ASFA website and learn more about ASFA lure coursing.

AKC Lure Coursing - American Kennel Club.This is very similar to ASFA and offers an additional Lure Coursing venue for dogs to compete in. The courses here are 600 to 800 yards. Hounds may earn the following titles; “JC” Junior Courser, “SC” Senior Courser, “FC” Field Champion, “LCX” Lure Courser Excellent, LCX1, LCX2, etcetera.

Click HERE to go to the AKC website and learn more about AKC lure coursing

Now that you have an idea of the coursing venues, take a look at our dogs enjoying themselves on the field!



Wicked Coursing1


Zanoza Wicked Ways FCH, JC, GRC


Wciekd Coursing3


Zanoza Wicked Ways FCH, JC, GRC


Wild Horse Shakkostenov Islaw FCH, JC

Zanoza Wicked Ways FCH, JC, GRC

Zanoza Puttin' On The Ritzar FCH, JC, SGRC 2

Velikaya Knazyhna Iz Kitez Grada LCM, JC

Evpator Iz Kitez Grada JC, FCH
Krilatiy Voin Iz Kitezh Grada, JC