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Call name:
Date of birth:
Wild Hors Shakkostenov Islaw FCH
Jebo's Pemba Tokay
Colors and markings:
Red and White
Liz A. Duncan-Burge

September 29, 1999 to June 15, 2010


Winning an ASFA Regional Specialty.

Wicked was an incredible lure courser and never tired of the thrill of the game.....she was also a solid LGRA runner easily finishing her GRC.  I traveled thousands of miles, across multiple states, to take Wicked and Ritzar on to new coursing fields and new challengers....they always gave 100% and were excellent representatives of what solid athletic borzoi  were all about........

   Wicked Coursing1
   Wicked Coursing2
Showing her moves while in her prime!
  Wciekd Coursing3
Wicked Approx 6 months
At 6 months of age
Wicked at 9 months    At approximately 9 months of age
At 10 years of age  



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