Call name:
Date of birth:
CH RUS,RKF Cars Ivans Faraon FT HARE 2-III
CH UKR,RUS,RKF Staier's Vishenka
Colors and markings:
Red with White Trim
Julia Stepanova / Ukraine

June 16, 2007 to October 15, 2012

Post surgery complications due to GVD / Bloat


Photo taken at 3-1/2 years of age.

CHIC #61518, Eyes Clear, Thyroid Normal, Cardiac Normal, Hips Good, DM Clear, Full Dentition. 

(See OFA Data Base for Eragon's Health Results)

The following 4 photos of Eragon were taken October 28th, 2010 by Yvonne McGehee / Valeska Borzoi: 









Photo courtesy of Big Paw Prints




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