Call name:
Date of birth:
Wild Hors Shakkostenov Islaw FCH
Jebo's Pemba Tokay
Colors and markings:
Red and White
Liz A. Duncan

September 29, 1999 to June 15, 2010


Winning an ASFA Regional Specialty.

Wicked was an incredible lure courser and never tired of the thrill of the game.....she was also a solid LGRA runner easily finishing her GRC.  I traveled thousands of miles, across multiple states, to take Wicked and Ritzar on to new coursing fields and new challengers....they always gave 100% and were excellent representatives of what solid athletic borzoi  were all about........

   Wicked Coursing1
   Wicked Coursing2
Showing her moves while in her prime!
  Wciekd Coursing3
Wicked Approx 6 months
At 6 months of age
Wicked at 9 months    At approximately 9 months of age
At 10 years of age  



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